We at www.ayurvedanyoga.com always follow and adhere to a Privacy Policy. As the policy is considered from our end, we deliver exceptional customer service.

Adherence to the Policy

As a person goes through the website, privacy is always important to us. This becomes evident on how you share information with us. While we collect details as per your preferences, we see to it that the information is available on the web pages.

A message would always pop up whenever it’s essential to collect personal information. You would also be notified with the reasons why we would be gathering information.

Gathering Data

This privacy policy is applicable to every bit of information displayed on the website. It could either be products you may wish to order or tips you need to go through. Information from the visitor is gathered only when the person opts for subscribing to the services.

No information would be collected if you are going through the website. However, we may seek information when a survey is conducted or you need to give you opinions in some way or the other.

Name, Age, Email Address, Nationality and Gender are some of the details that our team usually seeks from the visitor.

Need for Collecting Information

We don’t have any other intention to collect information from the visitor.

The details may be used for catering to your requirements, improving the website, processing transactions, and fulfilling legal requirements.

NOTE: Every bit of information is kept confidential and would never be shared / sold at any cost. In case we need to share the data with third parties, then we would proceed only after your consent.

Though you may have to subscribe to newsletters, and catalogs, the details won’t be shared with third parties. In case it’s necessary, then you would have to provide the details through a registration form.

Permission would always be sought in case you wish to avail associated services or offers.

We at www.ayurvedanyoga.com do not share data at our discretion.

Data Security

Data is always kept secure once it is fetched online. As per the policy, unauthorized access is always prevented in order to ensure accuracy.

Children’s Privacy

Any child below the age of 13 years is not permitted to use the website. In case he / she needs to navigate the site, then the child should do only after the consent of his or her parents.

What are cookies and why we use them?

Cookies are nothing but small files which are stored on the hard disk. The visitor has the freedom to delete the cookies if they are affecting the system’s performance. We also follow a policy of displaying third party advertisements in case the need arises.

DART Cookies

In case you come across a Double click cookie, then it is used for recording the behavior, advertisements, and the products / services we are proud to offer.

For disabling the cookies, you need to visit www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb/optout?hl=en

Third Party Links

At certain instances, we may use third party links with a purpose of promoting our services or enhancing knowledge. However, when you are directed to another website, our Privacy Policy is not taken into consideration.

Since the policy of the third party website comes into the picture, we would not be responsible for infringement of data confidentiality and content that’s provided by the third parties.


Individuals above the age of 13 years are only allowed to use the website.

In case we come to know that the account has been created by someone else, then we would delete the user account along with relevant information.

Editing and updating information

www.ayurvedanyoga.com always has the right to edit, review, and change any bit of information.

For issues related to data editing, you could send an email on <email ID>.

Changes to the Current Privacy Policy

We always have the right to modify / edit the terms in the Privacy Policy. But, the team would edit the content without any permission or prior notification. In any case, the policy would be updated and published online in this section.