Yoga and Brain: Know How Yoga Transforms Your Mind

Yoga and Brain

Have you ever thought about how yoga can transform your brain? As it’s universally known, the happiness a person seeks is only by staying still and resting on his back after a workout. With the help of brain scans, it has been quite evident that yoga actually the changes the brain. When this is considered to be extremely beneficial for the body, meditation, asanas and tai chi can certainly help to treat several health issues.

How Does Yoga Transform The Mind?

While natural therapies may be inexpensive, science has evolved over a period of time.

According to experts, yoga surely has an impact and aids to reduce anxiety, depression and pain.

Boosts GABA Levels

As you hear reviews about asanas, it is obvious that yoga is the best solution for anxiety. This has to be accepted because yoga affects the brain’s GABA levels considerably. If you haven’t heard about GABA anytime before, then it is an abbreviation for gamma-aminobutryic acid. In simple language, it is also referred to as a ‘chill out’ neurotransmitter.

As the acid plays a vital role in suppressing the neural activity, the neurotransmitters calm down the mind. The effect is very much similar to a situation when someone has drink alcohol. But, on the contrary, yoga doesn’t have any side effects whereas the effects of alcohol just last for a short time span. In fact, practicing yoga regularly can keep the person away from benzodiazepine drugs which can be the root cause of withdrawal symptoms. The poses and the variations can help to overcome insomnia and the habit of taking medicines.

It’s always better to perform the asanas because brisk walking wouldn’t really work to be a solution for an anxious mind.

As compared to walking, yoga triggers GABA and increases the level by 27 percent. A 60 minute yoga session can certainly be an alternative to reading a novel in your free time.

Helps To Build Grey Matter

According to a well known Institute of Health, yoga can reduce the pain in the brain that is persisting for a longer time. In fact, yoga can drive away depression in those who have insignificant grey matter.

As the pain is modulated, the mental strength and the grey matter in the brain increases.Once the person is refreshed, he would be able to manage stress and won’t have to rely on painkillers.

Much to your surprise, yoga serves to be a natural antidepressant especially when women are pregnant. A study published in the year 2012 reveals that the asanas help to rejuvenate individuals in a natural way.

Aids To Reduce Cognitive Decline

If a person practices meditation soon after any physical activity or a workout, then it can surely enhance memory. The person doesn’t have to be worried about mild cognitive impairment which eventually leads to dementia. After some time, the individual would be much capable to focus on his day to day tasks. Besides, he can be in a better position to manage time and carry out a number of tasks simultaneously.

Good For Teenagers

Yoga is extremely effective to gain self-control especially in case of teenagers. The effect is observed when the frontal lobes are yet to get developed during adolescence. While teenagers rely on what the mind speaks, they can maintain relationships and be clear about what’s bad and good for them.

Reduces The Chances Of Hypertension

Since yoga is known to reduce stress due to less stress hormone level, the poses help to keep blood pressure under control and mitigate the risk of hypertension. This benefit in turn aids in reducing the chances of migraines and severe headaches.

On a concluding note, there are many different forms of yoga with which you can make your mind stable. But, if you are new to the poses, then it’s better to do the exercises under the vigilance of a yoga teacher. Initially, you need to proceed with the steps gradually and move your body gently. Once you have figured out the poses suitable for your body, you can think about the sequence of performing the asanas.


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